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Service Pro = Performance & Value.  Service Pro Premium Heavy Duty 15W-40 CJ-4 provides all the attributes of a top tier conventional heavy duty diesel engine oil.  It's technology and performance is proven in years of service in the field and in harsh million mile testing.  The only difference is the price.  Service Pro = Performance & Value.

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Gary Bryant - Fleet Engine Specialist.  Hollon Oil Company is very pleased to announce that Gary Bryant has agreed to come out of retirement (for at least one day a week) to serve our customers as a Fleet Engine Specialist.  Most of you knew Gary from his days at Holt Cat as their Truck Engine Account Manager.  Gary recently retired from Holt after working with them for 43 years.  We know that Gary's diesel engine expertise will benefit your fleet maintenance program.  You can contact Gary by email at gbryant@hollonoil.com and check out his blog page at http://garybryanthollonoil.blogspot.com

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