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Five Actions for Lube Center Operators to Consider

1. Embrace Specialty Products & Services

"Recent statistics indicate 80 to 100 percent of all fast lubes now offer their customers niche products such as synthetic, synthetic blend and high-mileage motor oils." -taken from the article,  Five Actions for Lube Center Operators to ConsiderService Pro Premium Oils allow you to offer your customers what they want in the way of performance motor oil and allow you to increase your profit margin.  Allow us to create a customized Service Pro Greeter Menu & Price Sign and POS Advertising for you.

2. Use Management Systems

"To be perfectly honest, if you are not currently using or planning to purchase one of the many fine management systems available on the market you are wasting your money and will be at a competitive disadvantage with other service providers.  Basically, be sophisticated in the way you approach your business or be gone.  Better business practices such as state-of-the-art inventory and management software programs are not a luxury anymore, they're a necessity.  Working "smart" will not only improve your bottom line, it may help improve the overall appeal of your business..."  

3. Integrate Services for Better Profitability

"Just as you expand the fast lube service menu to appeal to changing customer tastes, so too do you need to look outside the oil bay (and the LOF) to consider ways to make your business viable to a buying public  ...that values the convenience of getting an oil change, car wash, a hot cup of coffee and quick bite to eat - all within 30 minutes!"  

4. Control Your Cost of Goods Sold

"A smart operator can noticeably reduce COGS by reviewing current purchasing relationships and the prices paid for oil, filters, anti-freeze and other automotive products."  Reduce your cost of goods sold with Service Pro Products from Hollon Oil Company.  Why feature Service Pro Motor Oils?

5. Know Thy Customer (and thy stuff)

"It is an utmost priority you treat your under-30 customers with a high level of respect.  Not only should you take the time to educate them on their vehicle maintenance needs (much as you would do with female customers), but make sure you and your staff are doing everything you can do to earn their trust."