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Texas Mutual Insurance Company - Safety Page

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USDOT - A Motor Carrier's Guide To Improving Safety

TXDOT - A Texas Motor Carrier's Guide To Highway Safety

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Disaster Preparedness (for home and business):


In the event of work-related injury or occupational disease, Hollon Company provides workers' compensation insurance coverage.

Texas Workers' Compensation Insurance - Texas Mutual Insurance Company  http://www.texasmutual.com

Texas Mutual Insurance Company Policy # TSF-0001133067 

Current Information from Texas Mutual Insurance

Report Injuries just as soon as possible, the same day they happen, if possible.

Employer's First Report of Injury Form

Employees must select a treating doctor from among the doctors offered by the network in their service area. If the employee does not seek care within the network, he or she may be responsible for payment to non-network medical providers.

Employees are entitled to one change of treating doctor within the network. Any subsequent requests to change treating doctor must be approved by the network.

Employees may seek treatment from their HMO doctor, if the HMO doctor will accept the network's terms and conditions. This provision does not apply to preferred provider organization (PPO) plans or family doctors. Employees who select their HMO primary care physician as their treating doctor should inform Texas Mutual Insurance Company.

In addition to the ability to treat with their HMO doctor, employees may go outside the network:

if they live outside the network's service area

to receive emergency care

to visit a specialist upon the referral of their network treating doctor

Healthcare Provider Network  

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